Private Transaction

Our privacy-focused DEX aggregator is a platform that enables users to utilize various decentralized exchanges (DEXs) within a single interface, all the while offering additional layers of privacy and security features. To attain private transactions, 0xAnon DEX aggregator employs diverse privacy-boosting mechanisms, including bulk transaction mixing and encryption, in order to maintain the confidentiality and safety of user transactions.

Detailed how to use:

  1. To use Private Transactions, users need to deposit an amount of ETH to the Protocol. For each deposit transaction, the system will generate a key pass for the user. Users must take responsibility for protecting and storing this key pass themselves.

  2. After depositing ETH into the protocol, users (without the need to log in to their wallets) utilize their key pass, input the wallet address for receiving tokens, and proceed with the transaction as usual.

  3. Users can withdraw any unused ETH by using their key pass at any time.

The protocol charges 0.2% fee to protect your transaction privacy.

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